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4th Dimension PCB Moves Offices to Sunrise, FL

Sunrise, FL – October 15, 2004 – 4th Dimension PCB, Inc., a provider of printed circuit board design services, announced today that its corporate headquarters has been relocated to Sunrise, FL.

The move stems from 4th Dimension PCB’s growth in the last year.   “Relocation of the corporate office to Sunrise is a strategic move designed to place the design center in closer proximity to travel resources,” stated Mark S. Eckert, President of 4th Dimension PCB. “This relocation will allow us to strengthen communications, maximize the efficiency of our operating solution centers and ultimately improve customer service.”

4th Dimension PCB is an engineering service and PCB design center dedicated to printed circuit board design.  Our expertise is exclusively with the Mentor Graphic Expedition and PADS software and we provide our services to clients throughout North America either through on-site support with our contractors or, more often, many clients outsource their work to our design center.  4th Dimension PCB offers Full Custom service for Mentor Graphics Expedition and PADS inclusive of Design, Schematics, Training, and Library Support.  4th Dimension PCB has the distinct advantage of providing contracted designers to your site, or more frequently, providing the same service out-sourced to our design center.  4th Dimension PCB can bring hardware and the appropriate Mentor Graphics Expedition or PADS software to the client site, if required.  All outsourced designs are done on a Firm Fixed Price Quote and on-site rates are discussed on a case-by-case basis.  For more information, visit www.4thdpcb.com.

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